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How do I change grease?

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Grease after a long period of storage, storage effect is not good, the performance of lubricating grease will be reduced, or lubrication effect will completely disappear, can not continue to play a protective role for engine equipment. The friction friction equipment faster, at the temperature of the hot summer, easier to grease lubricant thinning temperature, resulting in oxygen resistance under the condition of the poor deterioration, is not conducive to the protection of the engine equipment use, long-term use will cause burnt axle fault. Longhai reminded everyone, prohibition of different brands of grease in the mix, because each manufacturer's formulation is not the same, mix might add grease to produce chemical reaction, if you want more different brands, so must not brand grease clean, put in the new grease, Xiao Bian here to remind you, select grease well, be sure to buy through formal channels, pay attention to replace the grease of common sense.
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